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Dichloroacetyl chloride

Product name: Dichloroacetyl chloride
Structural molecular formula

Properties: colorless transparent flow liquid, with irritating odor, fume in the moist air. Boiling point ( 0.1Mpa) 107~110℃, Density ( 20/4℃) 1.532, Refractive index n2od1.4600;

Quality standard
First grade
Top grade
colorless transparent
colorless transparent
Assay( GC) %
Density, 20/4℃

Uses: good acylating agent and organic synthetic material, it is widely used in medicine, pesticide and fine chemicals.

Packing & storage: 200L reinforced PP plastic drum or 100L reinforced PP drum, 250Kg & 120Kg. sealed, no leakage ; Load gently, avoid knock, breakage, rain and water, kept in dry and ventilating place .

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